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Unique test of sublayer fire extinguishing .

Extinguishing the tank from the bottom through 11 meters of water and gasoline. I am glad to present you a unique video new test extinguishing of an oil tank. Fire extinguishing performed from the bottom of the tank using a single pipe in the center of the tank.

Height – 15 m. Diameter – 21 m.

The surface area – 346 square meters.

The tank circumference – 65 m.

The height of the water\gasoline layer in the tank – 13 m.

For extinguish 400 liters of foam concentrate used 3%. Foam intensities 420 LPS. The length of the pipe supply of foam is 169 meters, for this reason big part of the foam was used to fill the pipe. Tests have shown that ISAS can almost instantly extinguishing fire from any distance and using any pipes in the tank, even pipes for draining the fuel, as in the video shown. The test was performed on June 10, 2019. The new technology will be presented and discussed during the NFPA conference on June 17–20 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. I will be glad to see you and answer any questions.