Water Storm system

Water Storm system for firefighting, cooling and neutralized toxic gases.



Water Storm complex which represents powerful generator of water pulverizer in the inert gas to the combustion performance of 12,000 kilograms of water per minute (200 kg/s), which can create an artificial rain cloud reaching 120-150m at length (in favorable weather conditions 200m) and about 60-70m in height (in favorable weather conditions, more than 100m). The precipitation at these conditions is 4-6 times greater on the average than a natural rain cloud.


This artificial cloud of raindrops envelops emission source of poisonous gas or radioactive substances or the fire as rain dome, creating conditions impossible for re-ignition and combustion conditions. It ties poisonous gases and radioactive substances dissolving them in water, including the air emissions generated during fires.


These poisonous gases and pollutants ejected from the object and dissolved in water are captured by the artificial rain dome, i.e. bound (dissolved) by water drops size of 400 microns in the volume of 13.5 million pieces/M³ and are precipitated to the soil. The average density of an artificial rain: ~ 4-6 l/m² per minute.


The efficiency and the need for artificial rain to extinguish a forest fire is clearly seen on the example of a fire on Carmel mount, August 2, 2010. Fire extinguishing involved tens of planes from many countries, including large aircraft from the United States and Russia with a capacity of more than 40 tons of water. But the final quenching was performed only by pouring rain that started in the night on December 5.


Years of research and experience have shown that only rain or its imitation for a long time is able to extinguish forest fire guaranteed. Simulation of rain with a few planes dropping water over the seat of forest fire for a period of not less than five minutes is very effective and guaranteed means of fighting, but the technology isn’t implemented anywhere in the world due to ultra-high cost. Water Storm installation is the only machine in the world capable of creating a simulation of rain on the open spaces remote from fire hydrants and natural water sources.


The unique method of spraying water via creation of a real rain cloud is also the most effective precipitation means of ammonia and other toxic gases from the atmosphere, as well as radioactive fallout. The enormous power of the gas and water flow composed of fine-dispersed and oxygen-impoverished water droplets can create protective shields on large industrial areas and cool areas of plants and industrial facilities.
Water Storm complex is designed for:
1. Precipitation of ammonia from the atmosphere and its neutralization as well as of other toxic gases.
2. Binding and precipitation of atmospheric fallout and harmful industrial pollutants during fires and industrial accidents.
3. Oil and gas fountains extinguishing ashore and afloat.
4. Extinguishing fires in tunnels, clearing the tunnels of smoke and poisonous gas fires and accidents.
5. Cooling constructions at large industrial enterprises during fires and accidents.
6. Neutralization of toxic substances ashore in case of accidents.
7. Creating of protective horizontal water screens to precipitate the gas and vertical screens in the atmosphere for protection against fire and thermal radiation.
8. Fighting forest fires.
9. Extinguishing of pipelines, pumping stations, ports and any other industrial facilities engaged in the production, handling and transportation of liquid natural gas (LNG).


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