integrated systems


Integrated modular system of extinguishing fires and liquidation of accidents in distant areas.

Powerful, complex and expensive special equipment, special chemicals and considerable water capacity is necessary for fire extinguishing and elimination of disaster consequences on large chemical plants, oil and gas refinery stations.

Such technology was not in the area of the disaster in 90% of all cases that relate to large accidents and/or fires. The recent accident at the chemical plant in Texas and the absence of special equipment for the precipitation of ammonia clouds confirms this.

Purchase and maintenance of complex and expensive technology close by each enterprise is unprofitable. Delivery of special equipment that has been installed onto large vehicles or caterpillar chassis from distant regions to the disaster area requires a tremendous amount of time and substantial financial expenses. Until recent time these problems had no solution.

New Impulse Technologies company has developed a strategy and launched a project to create a modular system of extinguishing fires and liquidation of accidents in distant areas.

Each module will contain parts of the most powerful systems designed to liquidate large fires or precipitate different gases from the atmosphere (e.g. JFR gas-water system with a jet engine). There will also be a powder machine for extinguishing of chemical fires, pumping station for water supply, medical module, module for plastic water containers with capacity up to 100 tons (can be higher), the communication module, etc.

All modules will be produced without the chassis. They will be mounted on universal platforms that can be quickly installed onto any standard truck, located in the disaster area.

The transportation of modules to the accident area will be realized by a special firefighter AN-32P aircraft that can use any type of airport or a simple ground field, which is located near the accident area. The plane was created in a special configuration. It can carry equipment and extinguish fires on its own at the same time without changing the structure of the aircraft.

Such a system does not require large expenses for storage and maintenance. It can be quickly delivered to any location and brought to the operational condition.

The maintenance and technical support of such center would be beneficial and inexpensive for smaller adjacent countries or few states in a large multi-state country. This will also be beneficial for large companies that have several dangerous objects on the territory of one or more countries/states. For the first time it will be possible to perform a rapid elimination of complex fires or accidents at chemical plants using specially designed technology and professional team of firefighters and rescue workers.