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SEFS Impulse Storm-A for oil tank tested and approved

Self-Expanding Fire-fighting System
Impulse Storm-A for oil tank tested and approved

Traditional foam systems require:
1. A dependable water supply;
2. A dependable power supply;
3. A reliable pump;
4. A good supply of quality foam concentrate;
5. A reliable proportioning system;
6. A good aerating nozzle;
7. A skilled pump operator who can make it all work together properly when you need it most.
Even new foam system has dependencies such as a source of compressed air, proportioning system, etc…
Traditional Self-Expanding Foam Firefighting System have:
1. Foam premix stored under high pressure in the pressure vessel, not less 16 bar.
2. Big size pressure vessel 120 m3 or
3. Difficult design and expensive service.
4. Impossibility of fast recharge — up to one or two months.
5. Big time delay between the breakout the fire and the actuation of the system.
6. Need of use only of one type of foam.
7. High price full complete equipment and service.
Self-Expanding Firefighting System Impulse Storm-A foam option have:
1. Maximum size of foam\water vessels need for the extinguishment of the full surface fire of 40.000 cubic meters storage oil tank. – 22,5 cubic meters.
2. Delay between the breakout the fire and the actuation of the system – 0,5 second.
3. After the actuation, the extinguishment time is done at 40-meters diameter oil tanks (1 256 square meters) – up to 30 second.
4. The foam\water vessel standby pressure – normal atmospheric.
5. Opportunity to dispersion firefighting powder or only water for cooling.
6. Any used type foam.
7. Time recharge – 30 minutes.
8. Staff for recharge – users staff.
Impulse Storm-A — absolutely independent and completely autonomous system. Work guarantee without any external sources of pressure, water and power of 10 years. Systems of liquid or powder fire extinguishing. Fire extinguishing process off-line.