Scientific Statement:

A prototype of a unique fire suppression system for the engine compartment of military vehicles, buses, and any truck has been successfully developed and tested. The small steel casing is so compact and robust that it can withstand a direct hit in a tank from an anti-tank JAVELIN missile and, after the explosion, instantly extinguish… Подробнее

Instant firefighting LNG

A beautiful video of the instant firefighting of an LNG pool in São Paulo, Brazil, on a specially constructed test site that fully complies with all environmental safety standards. Notably, this video is over 15 years old, and no one in the world has been able to replicate this test since. There are no other… Подробнее

Impulse Storm foam research

Extinguishing large fuel tank fires remains a significant challenge, with no reliable records of success using traditional fire suppression systems. These fires typically result in total fuel combustion, massive fuel loss, and significant environmental damage. A novel experimental setup has been developed to test firefighting foams and systems on a large scale, enabling controlled empirical… Подробнее

Impulse Storm novel chemical synthesis technology

As it is widely acknowledged, existing aerosol fire extinguishers are based on old mid-20th-century technologies, resulting in extremely hazardous operational temperature parameters, approximately 800 degrees Celsius. This reality compels manufacturers to design unnecessarily complex cooling systems, which significantly increase weight, volume, and cost, while reducing fire suppression effectiveness by 70%. Conversely, the Impulse Storm aerosol,… Подробнее

Announcement of Advanced Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery

IMPULSE STORM LTD is proud to announce the introduction of an advanced surfactant treatment technology aimed at revolutionizing the field of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). This cutting-edge approach represents a significant advancement in oil extraction methodologies, combining scientific rigor with environmental stewardship and economic efficiency. Technical Overview: Our proprietary technology involves the development and application… Подробнее

Choose the Future of Firefighting with Impulse Storm

Before you is a vivid comparison of two firefighting approaches. On the right, you see the aftermath of traditional fire extinguishing methods: burnt-out and destroyed tanks, environmental contamination, and the loss of precious resources. This leads not only to environmental issues but also results in significant economic losses. Now, turn your attention to the left… Подробнее


17.5 GRAMS PER CUBIC METER OF SPACE Successful laboratory tests have been conducted for extinguishing 1 cubic meter of space using only 17.5 grams of aerosol composition. For comparison, the weight of aerosol fuel from the technological market leader in aerosols, STAT-X, for extinguishing one cubic meter is 60 grams. This implies that the Impulse… Подробнее


 Documentation from two foremost aerosol manufacturers, STAT-X and FirePro, has been analyzed and compared with the Impulse Storm aerosol. According to NFPA standards, the ‘minimum application density’ of aerosol per unit space requires amplification by a Safety Factor of 30%, resulting in the ‘design application density’.  Independent tests conducted by USA laboratory have ascertained that… Подробнее


Introduction: Over the past 20 years, aerosol fire extinguishing technologies have seen little to no advancement. The high temperature of the casing and the exhaust gas remain significant challenges, leading to increased costs, weight, volume, and reduced efficiency. Current Industry Trends: Most aerosol manufacturers have focused their efforts on complicating the design of fire extinguishers… Подробнее