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Introduction: Over the past 20 years, aerosol fire extinguishing technologies have seen little to no advancement. The high temperature of the casing and the exhaust gas remain significant challenges, leading to increased costs, weight, volume, and reduced efficiency.

Current Industry Trends: Most aerosol manufacturers have focused their efforts on complicating the design of fire extinguishers to enhance cooling. This approach, while somewhat effective, does not address the root causes of the aforementioned challenges.

Our Solution: It appears that we are the only manufacturers who have addressed this issue at the chemical composition level of the aerosol. In our video demonstration, our aerosol fire extinguisher, which has a fire efficiency equivalent to 1500 grams of standard aerosol, weighs five times less, has a volume that is three times smaller, and the temperature of its casing is equivalent to the ambient temperature. Notably, it does not require any cooling systems. Due to the absence of complex cooling systems, the reliability and safety of our fire extinguisher are significantly higher than any other on the market. Moreover, its cost is considerably lower.