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Impulse Storm foam research

Extinguishing large fuel tank fires remains a significant challenge, with no reliable records of success using traditional fire suppression systems. These fires typically result in total fuel combustion, massive fuel loss, and significant environmental damage.

A novel experimental setup has been developed to test firefighting foams and systems on a large scale, enabling controlled empirical evaluations. Initial tests on over 20 foam types showed only two could effectively control large tank fires, surprisingly from manufacturers not leading in firefighting equipment.

Current simulation models fail to accurately represent large-scale tank fires, highlighting the necessity for empirical data to guide the redesign of fire suppression systems for large fuel storage. This research indicates that effective fire control is feasible with specific fire systems and foams, though their availability is limited. It calls for a critical reassessment of testing protocols and production priorities in the firefighting industry, advocating for evidence-based practices in developing and marketing fire suppression technologies.

This study uncovers significant insights into large-scale fuel tank fire suppression, backed by empirical evidence.