Impulse storm

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The systems have enjoyed wide usage globally especially in the Asia, North Africa, Eastern Europe etc. The system and powder are being used by:
1. The Ministry of Defense of Yemen – 2 tanks
2. The Ministry of Defense of Egypt – 1 device Impulse Storm based truck URAL-4320
3. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine – 16 tanks
4. The Special Department of State Oil Corporation of Ukraine – 4 tanks.
5. The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. – 2 tanks
6. The Special Department of State Oil Corporation of Russia – 3 tanks.
7. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia – 2 tanks.
8. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine – 8 tanks.
9. Corporation TaymyrGas, Russia – 2 tanks


a) Gas and oil pumping stations;
b) Gas and oil fields;
c) Gas and oil pipelines;
d) Chemical plants;
e) Military installations ammunition depots;
f) Nuclear statios;
g) Forest;
k) Electric transformer and power stations;

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

«Development and agreement of organizational and technical decisions on fire protection of oil\gas field by Impulse Storm technology»
(HD.SF.D.01.2004 «North-Recommendations»)

(Brief translation from the original)

Chief of Department for Fire Safety of Objects and Wrecking in the Conditions of High and Low Temperatures,
Doctor of Technical Sciences

Impulse Storm powder systems

At present, one of the most effective methods of fire protection in the any conditions of any region of world  is the impulse powder system. The impulse powder extinguishing has high effectiveness of extinguishing both on open areas and in closed spaces. The basis for the impulse powder system is an impulse module «IMPULSE STORM». The impulse module (hereinafter IM) is destined for spraying powder masses and extinguishing fires of А, В, С classes. The particular effectiveness of IM is observed when extinguishing fires on oil and gas fields, oil processing objects, fires in closed spaces (sheds, technological buildings, warehouses), on chemical enterprises. The impulse module can be used in different climatic conditions at the air temperature ranging from –50С to +60С.
IM has 50 spraying devices, each having up to 30 kg of fire fighting powder. The low response time (less than 0.5 seconds) allows fire extinguishing in the initial stage of burning, what considerably increases the fire extinguishing action.
The width of gas-dispersed flow at extinguishing from 5 spraying devices simultaneously is 10 meters, height — 2.5 meters, length — over 20 meters. When extinguishing from 10 spraying devices simultaneously (for modules of stationary construction), the indices are increased twice. The powder concentration in the core of a powder cloud is 300 gram and more per one cubic meter. This concentration more than twice exceeds the fire extinguishing powder concentration, what allows to guarantee extinguishing of fire. A gas-dispersed cloud spreads at the speed of over 100 meters per second, the front part of the cloud has express dynamic influence on the flame and virtually knocks it down, the middle part of the cloud performs the function of extinguishing residual fire centers, the remaining part of the cloud prevents re-ignition. The principles of spreading a gas-dispersed cloud allow to ignore possible obstacles in the way of powder spreading, e.g. a big number of crossing gas pipelines. A particular effectiveness has a counter and crossing extinguishing by means of two or more impulse modules simultaneously. The counter gas-dispersed flows create vortical powder flows with powder concentration over 400 grams per cubic meter, the influence of light wind on the spreading of flows is insignificant.
The impulse modules can be mounted both on mobile running bases and stationary platforms. A mobile running base in the conditions of Far North can be towing platforms. In the stationary construction the control of modules is performed synchronically by one computer or manually from a workplace, the extinguishing being performed by each module separately or synchronically for all mounted modules.
The number of mechanisms in the modules is minimal, all controls are electric, what enables smooth extinguishing at low temperatures. In case of using a stationary performed module, the electric motor of the module control system is housed into a heated box, where the temperature of no lower than –50C should be held.
Due to the fact that the diameter of the exit hole is 200 mm and forming of a gas-dispersed cloud takes place inside the spraying device, there is no problem of powder caking in the impulse modules.
Provided the container with the chemical gas generating device is packed properly, the suitable working pressure in the device can be created within 15 years without conducting recurring checks.
The principle of spreading a gas-dispersed cloud excludes direct connection between the impulse sprayer and the object of extinguishing, what in its turn secures safe extinguishing of the installations under pressure of 35,000 volts and higher.
The installation can be assembled stationary on a support either on a caterpillar chassis or another moving mobile device. The bodies of separate sprayers being parts of the cassette are non-disintegrating. The installation can be used many times after recharging. The powder displacer is a gas generating element. The mechanisms of turning, lifting and lowering of the cassette secure the direction of the spraying barrels in horizontal and vertical planes.
The installation secures operating speed of no more than 1 second, the time for preparing for action from the transport position is 300 seconds, the time of action at impulse discharge of powder: from 5 sprayers – no more than 1 second, from 50 sprayers (five simultaneously at a time) – 60 seconds. The recharging time for 50 sprayers is no more than 15 minutes.
The speed of powder supply measured on the outlet of the sprayer’s barrel is not less than 100 m/sec. The installation secures efficiency in the temperature range from –50C to +60С, is resistant to mechanical influence, the work of mechanisms is performed by means of electric drive.
The service life of the device is 10 years.
The gas generating charges used in the device for powder ejection have the creator’s conclusion on their application. The powders used by the creator are three times more effective than standard powders.


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