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FS-WORLD publication about ISAP technologies


Impulse Storm Powder Aerosol technology (ISAP) has introduced into the fire protection market new concepts for total flooding fire extinguishment. Low efficiency and direct danger water fire extinguishing systems on electric objects has created a real need for an agent with total flood extinguishing capabilities that is also economic on a weight/volume basis and cost effective. Such an application is the electric objects that are increasing in numbers, especially in crowded built areas where the land is expensive and limited. Now electric objects presently protected by water deluge automatic systems, that include several dozens of cylinders, pumps and a lot of piping and nozzles combined with a fire detection system. The large cylinders under high pressure, big pump station, water reservoirs are located in a specific building adjoining the electric objects, thus occupying expensive land that otherwise can be profitable. The most attractive fire suppression solution for such an application is the unique combined powdered aerosol system, that not requires pressurized cylinders, big piping, pumps and nozzles, and can be introduced into the electric objects without the need for the adjoining storage building. Such a system is described in the present paper, including the engineering considerations for fire detection and suppression within one combined unit, the aerosol discharge in situ, its flow pattern and filling capability, extinguishing and inertization evaluation as well as cost effectiveness. ISAP technology is a new type of chemical extinguishing agent consisting of extremely small solid particles from 2 up to 50 microns mixes of two components: 1. Aerosol that are created in a chemical oxidation reduction reaction, and released in the aerosol form. 2. The special fire powder split on small particles by a high-temperature aerosol. This highly efficient aerosol contains up to 40% solid particles and 60% gaseous molecules, has the flow characteristics of gas, and being lighter than air, is persistent and suspended in the air for long periods of time. ISAP acts on the fire in more than one way. It combines the heat absorption capability of dry powder extinguishing agents with the chemical interfering capability such as performed by Halon extinguishing agents. The firefighting effect ISAP technology is summary effect of a fire aerosol, fire powder and neutral gas.