Aerosol pressure generator with using stellar engine technology.

It looks like we created the world’s first aerosol generator with direct using technology stellar engine for spacecraft orientation. The most important advantage of these engines – the minimum thermal radiation that can disrupt the heat balance of the space station. Yesterday finalized calculation heat balance in the Federal Computing Center calculation of parameters of… Read More

Aerosol and gas valve ISAV -1.0 77181.00000TU

Purpose Aerosol and gas valve ISAV -1.0 77181.00000TU is intended for emergency gas-dynamic overlap of process pipelines, filled with dangerously explosive gas-dust-air mixture, with the aim of localization and suppression of the arisen explosion in the pipeline and in the volume of process equipment, adjacent to it. The overlap and suppression of explosion is carried… Read More

Firefighting engine compartments wind turbine

Firefighting engine compartments wind turbine Impulse Storm-A(S) technology Wind Turbine Developers often claim that their technology is safe, and whenever there has been a wind turbine fire, or other form of serious accident, the developer is often quick to state that this is a rare occurrence. Yet you only have to look at insurers reports… Read More