A new company has been incorporated in the United Kingdom.  This company will combine our scientific and technical resources, as well as providing a suitable and safe commercial counterparty based in Western Europe.

Preliminary test under UL 162 standards

This was a successful preliminary test under UL 162 standards, deploying 23 liters of AFFF foam. Pre-burn time was 60 seconds; the fire was extinguished after 40 seconds of spraying . After complete extinguishment of the fire, the system continued to discharge for another 50 seconds.  The implication of this, is that for the actual… Read More

Unique test of sublayer fire extinguishing .

Extinguishing the tank from the bottom through 18 meters of water and gasoline. I am glad to present you a unique video new test extinguishing of an oil tank. Fire extinguishing performed from the bottom of the tank using a single pipe in the center of the tank. Height – 18 m. Diameter – 21… Read More

ISAS-M test in Israel

Testing of ISAS-M, a new extinguishing system for engine compartments. Tests performed by the Israeli bus company.  In the year prior to the tests, 137 buses in Israel burned out. Tests were conducted under the AR107 standard at the Israeli official test field. Fire extinguishing time less than one second!