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Forest fire with Impulse Storm technology

Recent forest fires in Turkey and Europe have shown that FFF foam is a good but time-unstable defense that ends minutes after spraying. The new Impulse Storm spray method allows to make FFF foams from any concentrate, in the range from 2 to 30 seconds up to 100 Pas viscosity.  Foam stricture generated with Impulse Storm technology develop thermal insulation capabilities of the foams, reaching a specific heat value of more than 2.5 kJ/(kg•°С). Time for full fire protection under a blanket of foam at least 72 hours. Complete foam destruction under the action of water (rain). In other words there is rain, no fire, no blanket, no rain – there is a blanket with full fire defend. Unique properties and composition made it possible to achieve an exceptional specific extinguishing agent consumption value of 1L/m2 in contrast to 4L/m2 for the same surfactant solution.
On the service video for a professional you can see the process and effect of work.