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 Documentation from two foremost aerosol manufacturers, STAT-X and FirePro, has been analyzed and compared with the Impulse Storm aerosol. According to NFPA standards, the ‘minimum application density’ of aerosol per unit space requires amplification by a Safety Factor of 30%, resulting in the ‘design application density’.

 Independent tests conducted by USA laboratory have ascertained that the Impulse Storm’s minimum application density stands at 25 grams per cubic meter. Consequently, its design application density is 32.5 grams per cubic meter. In contrast, STAT-X’s design application density is 60 grams per cubic meter, and FirePro’s is 109.2 grams per cubic meter.

 This denotes that one requires thrice less Impulse Storm aerosol compared to other leading global aerosols. This translates to a threefold reduction in weight and cost. Crucially, the reliability and safety are enhanced threefold, given the reduced quantity of hot aerosol.

 Such computations reveal that Impulse Storm markedly outperforms all prevailing technologies. Notably, whilst the all other compositions aerosols have remained static over the past two decades, Impulse Storm aerosol was innovated in 2023, harnessing the most recent advancements in chemistry and fire science.