Preliminary test under UL 162 standards.

This was a successful preliminary test under UL 162 standards with using 23 liters AFFF foam. Preburn time was 60 sec. After 40 seconds of spraying, the fire was extinguished. After complete extinguishing, the system continued to discharge for another 50 seconds. So, for extinguishing, it took only about 15 liters of foam or 65%… Подробнее

ISAS-M test in Israel

Testing of ISAS-M, a new extinguishing system for engine. Tests performed by the Israeli company serving buses, last year 137 buses burned down in Israel. Tests conducted under the standard AR107 at the Israeli official tests field. Fire extinguishing time less than one second. All OK.

New technology of aerosol fuel production

Two months ago we created and two weeks ago conducted a successful testing of a new technology of aerosol fuel production. As a result, we created universal aerosol generators that are: 1. Three times smaller in their weight and dimensions; 2. Twice as efficient; 3. Absolutely secure to use and not harmful for delicate computing… Подробнее