AN-32 Firekiller


Results of a Study of Forest Fire Extinguishing Cases Using Different Types of Aircraft

For over 26 years, New Impulse Technologies has been conducting a study to determine the most effective forest fire extinguishing by means of aircraft. The practice of extinguishing forest fires by Russian and Ukrainian aircrafts U-2 (200 kg of water onboard), AN-2 (1200 kg), BE-12 (6,000 kg), BE-200 (12,000 kg), AN-32P (8,000 kg), IL-76 (42,000 kg) has been studied. The study covered all climatic zones existing on the globe. Pilots of the Russian state aviation detachment Emercom, who have experience of extinguishing forest fires in any spot on the Earth, as well as scientists of the Russian scientific and research institute for fire defense, scientific and research institute of forest, specialists and scientists of New Impulse Technologies took part in the studies. To study the effectiveness, several dozens of tests have been performed using different aircraft on special proving grounds in Russia, which were equipped with special devices to measure the parameters of water streams discharged from aircraft.
To study the influence of aircraft flight parameters on characteristics of ground distribution of the water discharged from aircraft and water aerosol dispersity the following varied: aircraft types, flight height, aircraft speed during the discharge, the discharge in a horizontal flight or in a flight with increasing speed, volley and consecutive discharge. The spatial and surface distribution of the liquid discharged was evaluated, and disperse composition of water drops was studied.

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New Impulse Technologies company have exclusive right and unic technical posibility for modernize and use AN-32P.

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