About us

998 IMPULSE STORM project was created in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1991, aiming to build and market a new technology to fight fires in the oil and gas. The founder, Mr. Valeriy Ivanov, holds the patent for the methodology of extinction instant spray large amounts of powder, called Impulse Storm.

In the early 90’s, the company has built and delivered more 30 vehicles with Storm Impulse technology for plants in Ukraine, Russia and Yemen. At the end of the decade the company introduced a new version, lighter, which was developed and produced for the government of Egypt. At the same time, seven other heavy vehicles were manufactured and exported to Yemen.

In 2004, a new demand for the company: to develop a fire-fighting vehicle that could operate in temperatures down to -60 C. We built two vehicles, which have been tested and certified by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia. These vehicles meet at a gas producing region located in Siberia.

The decade of 2000 was marked by the technological development of the methodology of instant spray, which culminated with the automatic detection and firefighting UIS-48S. At the end of the decade, this system has been tested and approved by Petrobras in a test field built specially for this purpose. It was found that the system is uniquely capable of effectively extinguishing fire in an area with LNG.

In 2012 the new technology Impulse Storm-A (S) for autonomous dispersion of powder, water and foam was created and tested.

In 2014 the technology Impulse Storm-A(S) successfully tested at suppression fire of transformer and the tank with oil 20 000 tons.

In 2020, a research agreement with UL was signed and joint work was started to upgrade testing standards for fuel tank extinguishing technologies.

In 2022, reached possibility to generating and spray foam with foam temperature of minus 25 degrees Celsius, which can globally change all fire extinguishing technologies.

On June 24, 2022 company IMPULSE STORM LIMITED was created in the UK for combain all technology and science team.