New technology of aerosol fuel production

Two months ago we created and two weeks ago conducted a successful testing of a new technology of aerosol fuel production. As a result, we created universal aerosol generators that are: 1. Three times smaller in their weight and dimensions; 2. Twice as efficient; 3. Absolutely secure to use and not harmful for delicate computing… Read More

Aerosol pressure generator with using stellar engine technology.

It looks like we created the world’s first aerosol generator with direct using technology stellar engine for spacecraft orientation. The most important advantage of these engines – the minimum thermal radiation that can disrupt the heat balance of the space station. Yesterday finalized calculation heat balance in the Federal Computing Center calculation of parameters of… Read More

Aerosol and gas valve ISAV -1.0 77181.00000TU

Purpose Aerosol and gas valve ISAV -1.0 77181.00000TU is intended for emergency gas-dynamic overlap of process pipelines, filled with dangerously explosive gas-dust-air mixture, with the aim of localization and suppression of the arisen explosion in the pipeline and in the volume of process equipment, adjacent to it. The overlap and suppression of explosion is carried… Read More

FS-WORLD publication about ISAP technologies

Impulse Storm Powder Aerosol technology (ISAP) has introduced into the fire protection market new concepts for total flooding fire extinguishment. Low efficiency and direct danger water fire extinguishing systems on electric objects has created a real need for an agent with total flood extinguishing capabilities that is also economic on a weight/volume basis and cost… Read More